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HarvestFest Oct 5-8th


Cannabis Topicals

Charlene will discuss how to create your own cannabis topicals from infused cannabis oils.

She will share an interactive demonstration on cannabis topicals and how they can be used for health and wellness.

Cannabis In Spiritual Practice

This workshop will be an open forum discussion on to discuss cannabis in ritual, meditation and personal practice.

Cannabis has been used since ancient times in ritual, meditation and magic, and many people will be interested in using it with legalization coming in October. 

The goal of this workshop will be to share experiences, and information on safe ways to use cannabis in ritual, energy healing, meditation and daily practice. 

Ladies Love Mary Jane Circle

A women’s cannabis peace pipe ritual?! Join Charlene Freedom for Ladies Love Mary Jane on Sunday at 4:20 to share a cannabis peace pipe ritual. 

Women have used cannabis since ancient times, and many women report incredible changes when they begin to work with cannabis as a plant spirit. 

This ritual endeavors to honor the sacred magic that cannabis offers to women, and provide a safe space for women to “come out of the cannabis closet” 

We will be participating in 3 rounds of passing the pipe, called Odes, Bitch, and Boasts. You do not need to imbibe if you don’t wish to, but all are welcome in the circle! 


Cannabis Wholistic Medicines Classes

 Anarres Natural Health Apothecary

Cannabis Infusions, Tinctures and Teas

You will learn to prepare a coconut oil infusion, creating a butter that can be eaten or used as is, and added to food, skin care lotions and creams. You will learn how to make glycerine based tinctures, as well as tea, that can be used as a medicine to treat chronic pain, cancers, neurological disorders and internal inflammation.

Sunday Oct 14th

Cannabis Topicals Workshop

Charlene will discuss how to create your own cannabis topcals from infused cannabis oils. She will share an interactive demonstration on how to make your own cannabis creams for pain and inflammation.

Sunday October 28th


Pre-register for both classes for $100

Pre-register for 1 class-$60

Anarres Natural Health Apothecary

1076 Bloor St W



To Register for classes, please go to the Anarres Apothecary website link below!

Please Note: Anarres Natural Health Apothecary is moving to a new location on September 1st at 1076 Bloor St W and the next class series will be hosted at the new address!